Organisational Vitality in 2023 – End of year report

Organisational Vitality in 2023 – End of year report

Our progress this last 12 months and our ambitions for the future

Our Work

Our ambition to serve only organisations that are genuinely committed to doing their level best to address the environmental and social challenges of our time is beginning to come to fruition.  Our client base is now over 50% bcorp or equivalent, many are employee owned or are in the process of becoming one.  All clients are genuinely committed to create an ever-better employee experience through rewarding work and a developmental culture.   Our goal is to be at 75% in the next 18 months.

Our office, administration and technology

For many years we have benefited from using green energy, Scandinavian levels of insulation and solar thermal water heating. Our aim is to become a net producer of green energy through a solar PV array, we hope to have plans in place for this in the next 18 months.  Our website is way too carbon heavy, rated D, emitting 3.1kg of carbon a year.  We plan to shift to green web hosting with Krystal in the next 12 months, alongside switching  to a more ethically conscious bank in March ’24.

If we are to achieve our aim of establishing the Vitality Index as the “go-to” cultural diagnostic and improvement service for purposeful organisations, we ourselves need to be walking that same path, challenging ourselves to have an ever-better impact on people and planet.

Our Travel

For the third year running we have done as many business miles by bicycle as we have by car.  We haven’t used air travel.  As we do so few car miles, our switch from ICE vehicles to Electric is not something that we anticipate being able to justify in the near future.

Our social investment

Or voluntary work providing mentorship and learning opportunities to socially disadvantaged young people has increased in the last 12 months primarily through our work with the Gold Scholarship Programme at the University of Bath and the Internship programme run by Bristol Creative Industries. We continue to take a leading role in The Deming Alliance UK and ReinventingWork in Bath


This post was written by Ben. Making the world of work a better place is both his personal purpose and a happy consequence of the work he does professionally
The Vitality Index is absolutely the best way that we know of expressing our skills, knowledge and experience to create awesome jobs.   Awesome jobs make for happy people, happy people make cohesive and supportive families and communities.  Doing this work with organisations that are making a real difference environmentally and socially enables them to do what they do even better. 

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