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The Vitality Index©

Informing and charting your organisation’s cultural improvement journey

The Vitality Index© is a unique diagnostic that identifies the cultural impediments preventing your people from finding more intrinsic reward at work, and realising their full potential. Things that are ultimately holding back your organisation’s performance.  

The ‘sort-of’ equivalents to The Vitality Index© for mainstream organisations would be engagement surveys, Investors in People and Great Place to Work, etc.  However, the differences and advantages of our approach are profound.

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“The insight that this diagnostic provides is on a different level from anything else I’ve ever experienced. In the 15 months since first running the diagnostic we have improved our index from 69% to 76%; in the same period of time we have more than doubled our turnover and the number of employees.”

Graham Lee
Director of Strategic Development. IMD Group

Identifying causes, not regurgitating symptoms

The diagnostic power of The Vitality Index© is based on externally validated research; this evidence base has been building since 1990. Using A.I. it is able to track back from symptoms to causes, to identify specific and addressable practices. The output from The Vitality Index© gives your team three areas of practice they can start changing straight away.  Even seemingly small changes often have a profound impact on the climate of the team and the culture of the organisation. 

By contrast, engagement surveys usually don’t have a diagnostic capability; they aggregate thousands of responses into visually appealing charts, depicting the respondents’ judgement of various symptoms that they experience at work.   

Galvanising change, not glossy reports

As a leader or line manager you don’t need weighty reports. What is much more useful is to know what things need to change, and what will stimulate your team to get on and start changing them. The Vitality Index© provides insights that are specific to your team as well as the wider organisation. It identifies clear areas of practice you can work on straight away. 

Armed with actionable insights from The Vitality Index©, your role is to make sure you and your team have the time to experiment and the freedom to fail and learn – and then to get started..

Practices and pace, not preaching and protracted processes

Gallup, the leading global authority on employee engagement, identifies that 70% of resultant employee experience can be traced back to management and management practice. It is at this causal level that The Vitality Index© operates and excels. 

We believe that there are economies of speed that relate to organisational change. A Vitality Index© intervention results in you and your team getting your information in full and unfiltered, within days of completing the diagnostic. 

For many organisations, this sort of pace gets noticed. Additionally, results are not massaged, delayed or spin-doctored.  This builds the expectation of renewed transparency and positive, participative change . 

The focus is on learning, not league table position

With every annual cycle The Vitality Index© charts your team’s progress, on a scale of 1-100, to becoming an ever more change enabled, innovative and desirable place to work. It delivers pinpoint clarity on which (3 out of a possible 26) discrete areas of practice will, if changed, have greatest benefit: specific to your team, specific to the current moment in time.

This insight informs experimentation, learning and improvement for your organisation.  ‘League table’ comparisons are not encouraged; they tend to engender fear or complacency, both of which stifle learning and improvement.

Management that is progressive not paternalistic

While the world of work has changed, sadly for many, management practice has not. Your people are highly skilled knowledge workers; yet conventional, even ‘best practice’ management is built on assumptions from the industrial age. Your people and your business deserve better.   

The Vitality Index© helps us all progress from the legacy ‘parent-to-child’ dynamic.   It directs organisations towards management practices based on what science tells us, not what we’ve always done. And it helps power a working environment where everyone, regardless of their role or status, shows up in an adult-to-adult climate, able to speak freely and give of their best.

Who are you?

We help businesses like yours

B Corps & businesses
with purpose

Would you like to enable your people to unleash all of their collective talent, passion, energy, inventiveness and creativity in pursuit of your organisation’s purpose AND have the best time of their working lives doing it?

With the Vitality Index©, your management practices become as innovative as your approach to social and environmental impact

Progressives and those serious about employee experience

Maybe you are inspired by or at least curious about the “new radicals” like Netflix and Buurtzorg. You want to leave behind outdated management practices, be more progressive and enable more autonomy.

But where to start, and how? The Vitality Index© is the guide you need to go with you on that journey

High growth organisations

As the founder of a growing business, you may feel that the only way to stay on track is with more rules, processes and procedures.

Yet deep down you know that the informal, fun and liberated atmosphere has been the engine-room of your success. And you don’t want to kill that off.

There is a better way; more bureaucracy is not inevitable. Our Vitality Index© will show you the way forward as the organisation grows

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