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What if your organisation had more vitality?

How about better relationships, deeper trust, greater autonomy, less bureaucracy and more creativity?

Put simply; happier people and higher performance?

At VitalOrg we work with you, using our cultural diagnostic and experience to set your organisation on a path of ever-improving:

  • Employee experience
  • Agility and ability to change
  • Experimentation, innovation and learning.

Improve the climate of every work team in your organisation

The Vitality Index© is an annual organisation culture diagnostic like no other. Its sole purpose is to inform and stimulate change; change that your teams own, direct and nurture. Change that plots the path towards an increasingly change-enabled, innovative and desirable place to work.

We don’t do reports, awards or benchmarking. The Vitality Index© is for leaders who are genuinely committed to continually improving employee experience, enabling their people to bring the best of themselves and to liberate the potential of the organisation.

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The Vitality Index© is not for everyone.

We work with purposeful, progressive and high-growth organisations

We work best with leaders who demonstrate their commitment through actions (not just words); those who know they need to enable autonomy; and those wanting to break the mould and encourage their people to experiment with new ways of working… If that’s you, we can help.

B Corps & businesses
with purpose

Would you like to enable your people to unleash all of their collective talent, passion, energy, inventiveness and creativity in pursuit of your organisation’s purpose – AND have the best time of their working lives doing it?

With the Vitality Index©, your management practices become as innovative as your approach to social and environmental impact

Progressives and those serious about employee experience

Maybe you are inspired by or at least curious about the 'new radicals' like Netflix and Buurtzorg. You want to leave behind outdated management practices, be more progressive and enable more autonomy.

But where to start, and how? The Vitality Index© is the guide you need to successfully navigate your journey

High growth organisations

As the founder of a growing business, you may feel that the only way to stay on track is with more rules, processes and procedures.

Yet deep down you know that the informal, fun and liberated atmosphere has been the engine-room of your success. And you don’t want to kill that off.

There is a better way; more bureaucracy is not inevitable. Our Vitality Index© will show you the way forward as the organisation grows


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