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Organisational Vitality in 2023 – End of year report

Author: Ben Our progress this last 12 months and our ambitions for the future Our Work Our ambition to serve only organisations that are genuinely committed to doing their level

In organisations, the map is not the territory.

Gaining visibility of the Informal networks that exist in your organisation can unlock your people's untapped human brilliance.
Employee giving feedback

Why do Employee Engagement efforts fail to engage?

If your efforts to improve employee engagement aren't getting results, here are some reasons why and what to do instead...
Lionesses celebrating

Great performance comes from flow

Author: Ben Sometimes teams just click.  Most of us would recognise that those virtuoso performances come from a place of deep mutual understanding, connectedness, and alignment to a shared goal
Cutting out deadwood

Is it time you cleared out the “deadwood” in your organisation?

Author: Ben Springtime is the right time to get out in the garden with the pruning shears and reshape your fruit trees ahead of their next phase of growth.  We
Unhelpful reports

Can we survey our way to better employee engagement?

Author: Denis From a Gallup report issued in 2022, there was this conclusion: “Employee engagement levels in the UK are one of the worst in Europe with fewer than one

OrgScan, enabling you to innovate management and enhance your culture

OrgScan, enabling you to innovate management and enhance your culture Author: Ben OrgScan is for you if: Your organisation’s culture is not what you’d like it to be; you are
Experiment your way to a more human-centric culture

Is experimentation the key becoming a more human-centric Organisation?

Author: Ben I’ve been reflecting on a day spent with the wonderful people at Mayden recently. For those that don’t know them, Mayden are a Corporate Rebels bucket list organisation
Hertzberg - motivators and hygiene factors

How to engender higher performance and happier people – for free!

Author: Denis The research is over 50 years old – but with the challenges of today – employee engagement, talent retention, remote working, well-being, old ways of working being rejected
Rethink Wellbeing

Is it time to rethink your employee wellbeing strategy? Part1: “do less”

Author: Guest Author We think so… We’d like to offer a fresh and challenging perspective on the hot topic of improving employees’ wellbeing, mental wellness and workload.  Controversially, in a

Fix Your Culture before it’s broken

Author: Ben Culture; critical to success and stubborn to shift How many of you have written a business plan recently? For a new start-up, or a spin-off? Perhaps for a
Interactive Skills

Introducing Teams in Flow (TiF)

Author: Ben Background Teams in Flow recognises the vital importance of good interactive skill is based on the following very simple pieces of logic. In organisations it is people that

Avoiding the speed wobble as you scale-up

Author: Ben Small is simple When you were leading a start-up of 20 people, decision making was quick, people genuinely all knew one another and helped each other.  Such was

5 Ways to Maintain a Strong Small-firm Culture as You Scale

Author: Ben In the early days of your startup, good company culture might happen naturally- but as you plan to hire at pace, culture will be something you have to

Stop press – people LOVE working in progressive organisations

Author: Ben Right now there is much to celebrate in the world of progressive organisations…  Haier, the world’s largest networked organisation (at 75,000 people) is enjoying both unrivalled growth in

Just how do you preserve your culture as your organisation grows?

Author: Ben “You can only grow your business at the rate at which you can scale its culture.” This statement is an interesting one, and both right and wrong.  What

The Vitality Index – A Force for Good Management

Author: Ben By prioritising a positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment, Bcorps are leading the way for business and being a force for good in this most

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