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Our Purpose

At VitalOrg we live to help leaders and their teams liberate their full potential; to have fun doing their best, most rewarding work; and to enjoy ever-improving performance. 

Our Ethos

Like many consultancies, we believe that culture is the strongest determinant of organisational success. Unlike most consultancies, we are able to identify causes that reside beneath the visible symptoms of culture.

We create a safe space for teams to explore these insights and derive their own actions. We never tell clients what they should do. We aim to transfer capability and enable change with the minimum input from us.

Our People

Our team is passionate about our purpose; it is why we do what we do, and why we love what we do.

Whilst we may have powerful Intellectual Property that is unique to us, the insights that our products present only result in positive change in your organisation by virtue of our team’s skill, energy and experience.

We can’t wait to introduce ourselves…

Denis Bourne

Denis is driven, on the one hand, by curiosity. Why do organisations behave the way they do? Why do people in organisations behave the way they do? What are the causal links between behaviour and performance?

Denis did the original and follow-up research that resulted in The Vitality Index model being built. What are the key symptoms and causes in respect of individual organisations in their individual journeys to higher performance?
On the other hand, Denis gets intense satisfaction by observing people growing, developing and performing better, and believing (hoping?) that he helped a little.

Judith Pierce

Judith believes strongly in the untapped potential that exists in people and the organisations in which they work. Above all, she enjoys helping release that potential; whether that be directly or indirectly.

As a co-developer of the Vitality Index model, she is passionate about watching organisations benefit from its use, and seeing workplaces become happier and more rewarding for all concerned.

A lover of the great outdoors and all that it offers, Judith enjoys nothing more than walking and talking with friends while sharing the joys of the surrounding views, flora and fauna.

Gill Simpson

Gill's passion is coaching, helping people to think brilliantly for themselves and increasing their capability, confidence and resourcefulness to find their own solutions to their challenges.

With over 20 years' experience working for businesses large and small, and over 10 years working as a coach, internally and externally, Gill brings a wealth of experience to her work, and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching.

When not coaching Gill is kept busy running a happy household, volunteering at the local school, reading multiple books at the same time, and sometimes even finding the time to exercise.

Michelle Ensuque

Michelle works with individuals to help them change their patterns of behaviour (subconscious and conscious) that impact on the way they operate as individuals, their relationships with others and how that might show up in the workplace.

Outside her mainstream work and walking with her faithful companion, MIchelle loves researching anything to do with holistic health and its relationship to our mental health and our emotional behaviours.

Tristan Harris

Tristan is an organisational effectiveness consultant who specialises in helping businesses that have run into difficulties delivering their strategic objectives. He has learnt that today’s big organisational challenges cannot be solved within structures that promote siloed accountability and assume all problems are linear. He has worked for 25 years delivering business improvement and change in organisations such as Volvo, Hitachi, BT, Centrica and DS Smith.

He is based on the Isle of Wight with wife Liz, two boys Theo and Jonty and Boxer, Maisie. As well as participating in a number of local sustainability initiatives, Tristan is the environmental lead at his local sailing club.

Jane Ginnever

Jane is a change consultant who works with organisations and the people that work within them to explore their potential and build on their strengths. She enables people to challenge their own assumptions and come together to co-create new ways of working. With over 30 years experience leading teams and leading change in a wide range of organisations, including as an officer in the Royal Air Force, she brings an inspiring and wholly pragmatic approach to her work. Based in Bath, but originally from Manchester, Jane’s married to Pete and is the house servant to two rescue cats. She runs regularly and enjoys a wide variety of cultural events. She’s a director of the Bristol Women in Business Charter, and an advocate for equality.

Mark Williams

Mark is a successful FTSE 250 HR Director turned consultant. He is very comfortable pushing the boundaries of contemporary HR practice.

What drives and intrigues him is creating work teams that do brilliant work, have fun, volunteer for responsibility and take care of one and other.

Outside of work Mark loves to be outdoors cycling or hiking, and serves on the board of trustees for Caring in Bristol.

Our Services

The world of work has changed – and is continuing to change at an ever faster rate.

Purposeful, progressive and agile scale-ups are responding really well to this change. Others are not.

If you want to be a stronger member of the revolution, or even take a leading role in it, at VitalOrg we will work with you to achieve your objective. 

We offer a range of proven and unique developmental interventions. Each of these interventions is characterised by:

  • Collaboration and co-creation
  • Experimentation and learning

And all lead to the simultaneous benefits of improved performance and employee experience.  Here are some examples:


Networker provides visual data that depicts the reality of the organisation: its informal networks. This goes way beyond who works with whom. It is able to present the network of relationships around specifics; e.g. value flows, knowledge exchange, as well as specific topics e.g. market trends, new technology. Networker has been the key to unlocking all sorts of hitherto intractable problems in organisations.

Interactive Skills

These skills are ‘foundational' skills – everyone in all walks of life needs them but it is rare for these skills to be taught. In our experience they are vital for high performing teams. Once a team is equipped with them, it is hard to imagine how they managed without them.

Performance Measurement for Improvement (PM4I)

PM4I embeds sound Continual Improvement principles and practices in everyday management systems, processes and behaviours that are concerned with performance.
What results is a regime that has the purpose of learning and improvement, and is forward focused instead of relying on retrospective analysis and judgement.

Enough about us. Who are you?

We help businesses like yours

B Corps & businesses
with purpose

Would you like to enable your people to unleash all of their collective talent, passion, energy, inventiveness and creativity in pursuit of your organisation’s purpose – AND have the best time of their working lives doing it?

With the Vitality Index©, your management practices become as innovative as your approach to social and environmental impact

Progressives and those serious about employee experience

Maybe you are inspired by or at least curious about the 'new radicals' like Netflix and Buurtzorg. You want to leave behind outdated management practices, be more progressive and enable more autonomy.

But where to start, and how? The Vitality Index© is the guide you need to successfully navigate your journey

High growth organisations

As the founder of a growing business, you may feel that the only way to stay on track is with more rules, processes and procedures.

Yet deep down you know that the informal, fun and liberated atmosphere has been the engine-room of your success. And you don’t want to kill that off.

There is a better way; more bureaucracy is not inevitable. Our Vitality Index© will show you the way forward as the organisation grows

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The conversation has the potential to change the future of your organisation.